How can we find a way out of the deadlock situation and find means of providing energy to the population of the earth? Here is a possible solution.
For the global satisfaction of the energy needs of the population of the Earth it is necessary to use World Ocean with its currents. For the local supply the waters moving along the land.

Technical progress was developing according to the principle - we take whatever comes closer.

Homo sapiens always searched for the ways of using the energy of others in order not to spend his own.

First there were animals, then wind and water resources. When the energy of heat was discovered, everything went into play. People have learned to use what God gave: the resources both on the surface and inside the Earth. This was the normal route of development, probably as seen by the Creator.

Plants, bituminous coal, oil, gas, uranium: these are development stages of the mankind.

Danger for the people and threat to the ecology was growing at each stage in the geometric progression. After reaching the necessary level of technologies for the transfer to the alternative power generation engineering, we still continue to dig, to bore, to obtain and to pump out everything from the earth whatever gives energy.

We are following this route and cannot stop!

This is a deadlock: extensive and dangerous development of power generation engineering. That's the edge!

What the Earth has been accumulating for billions years, we now intend to destroy within a couple of centuries!

D.I. Mendeleyev said that heating with oil is like heating by burning banknotes. Had he lived to witness atomic power engineering he would probably have come up with another comparison. We are now dealing not only with wasting of the natural resources, but also with the threat of a more terrible nature -- with attack on the LIFE on Earth itself that was formed during the same billions of years.

During the Creation of our planet there was the separation to the Earth and waters.

Water is constantly accumulating solar energy and sustains life on Earth and cleans it. Three quarters of the surface of Earth are its constantly supplemented energy storage.

A very small portion of the energy of this accumulator can satisfy all the energy needs of the earth.

Five percent of the heat of flow Gulf Stream is heating Europe. This is an obvious fact. It is also clear that colossal energy of this current is not used in any way, nor is the energy of other currents.

Nobel invented dynamite and wanted to see it used as aid to people: for exploding rocks, for building channels and for other good causes, but he could not resist aggressors. Nevertheless he succeeded in directing the results of its work, concentrated in the money, toward the support of the good on Earth. He passed away, but his money still supports creative people.

As a delusion - creation of aggressive means!

Now anything valuable invented or developed by people is first of all sniffed by the military so that they could see if those inventions and ideas could be used in their business.

They tempt people to construct monsters in the form of submarines with the nuclear filling, capable to destroy entire China in one volley!

Now those tempted create underwater rockets so that one monster would destroy another together with the people. The same savagery is transferred into space.

The money earned by people perishes, and so do the minds of people of capable and creative.

This tendency cannot stop by itself. For it is necessary the alternative, directed not toward the destruction, but to the creation, acceptable both for sponsors and for the innovators.

Attempts to solve problems by creating various forums - places for windbags - proved to be useless. Beginning the League of Nations, they have not suggested anything that would be useful for humanity in the future.

The Institute of World Observations reports: 26 billion tons of the fertile layer of the arable earth are lost annually, forests over the area of more than 31 million hectares are damaged, thousands of lakes become biologically dead, 25-30 thousand vascular plants are under the threat of disappearance.

The degradation of the environment creates the threat to the LIFE of people!

UNITED NATIONS, UNESCO have created the global system of monitoring and are occupied with predictions and forecasts.

This looks like the consultation of doctors - they stand around the bed of the sick Earth and are busy making observation and forecasts, but cannot offer anything to rescue it. And they will not bother rescuing. They are concerned about their jobs.

As in the story, when two naked guys are fighting and shouting: "Do not tear the shirt!"

All the participants in the forums and observers are in the same position. They are naked. They have no money so there is no point shouting. Does not make sense.

People who knew how to make big money using their brains, nature, perseverance, and even sheer luck, keep making money till their death. People who can create: investigate, construct, develop new technologies, build - usually do not know how to make money. They have other abilities.

Entrepreneurial people can make money selling pure water or the soap bubbles of computer programs - all this is needed. They know how to pump the money over to themselves. What really matters is where this money earned by people is directed.

For the scientists it is not too difficult to fool the politicians and to pull money out of the governments in order to realize their delirious projects. The money that is hard earned by the population. Building hydro stations on the plains rivers and flooding the grounds, turning rivers from the North to the South, the destruction of the Aral sea are just a few of those projects. They do not care about the damage to people and to ecology. They discovered atom and together with the military caused a lot of misfortune. Let Lord judge them for these A-bombs. Eventually people, with Gods help will figure out what those power plants are about, but they are trying to prove the benefit of atomic power plants!

Academician V.A.Legasov sacrificed his life in order to warn people!

Scientists do not heed. They do not look back at the results of their deeds. For many years they have been working "on the edge of positive result", not at all considering the consequences of this result.

Those who feed on the reactors and multiply them will never agree that for the EARTH just one reactor will be sufficient - the SUN.

They are dependent people. They will not chop the bough on which they sit.

Thermal power generation plants working on the organic matter, coal, the bituminous shale, oil, gas or atom are harmful to people and ecology. Output and transportation of heat-transfer agents is also dangerous and harmful. Their waste is excessively dangerous and not necessary.

Those earning on the mineral wealth of the earth will not support our project either. They are dependent people.

However, here is a paradox. Examining long-term targets, more than others they will be interested in saving the reserves that belong to them. Only mindless people can behave the way they do now.

A lot brain and passion people put into the creation of wind power units. Their deeds are intelligible and they are praiseworthy. Wind power devices are completely suitable for the solution of local problems.

Creator shared the Earth and water. Air Ocean is secondary. It serves for the interaction of the Earth with the water and for the protection of planet.

Water density is eight hundred times higher than air density. The use of wind in as many times less effective. Under the equal conditions, the wheel of a water mill, should it be working on air, would be eight hundred times wider.

Creating very powerful solar energy stations is also not rational for that simple reason that they are already created in the form of oceans. Energy coming from the sun is already concentrated in their heat and currents.

Both oceans, continuously deriving energy, must let it out in order not to accumulate to the state of explosion. World Ocean spends it on the evaporation, supplying the Earth with moisture. The snake ball of its currents spends it on mutual friction, wasting the energy. The same happens with the Air Ocean with its electrical discharges and typhoons.

But what do the politicians do?

The Germans have planned during the next twenty years to eliminate atomic stations and to replace them by the thermal and the solar, and to start energy conservation.

Americans in the same years intend to build to 1900 thermal power plants on coal, oil and gas. One station a week and no economizing.

Both the Germans and the Americans want to convert coal into the ash dumps and to turn oil into the acidic rains.

Russian program looks more like dividing resources than development. Who will get money for what.

In both the Russian and the American programs nothing it is provided for financing of alternative power engineering.

In the Soviet Union era there was a project of a hydroelectric power generation station on the flow Gulf Stream for Cuba. The project was dumped. They built an atomic power station and now the President of Russia complains. Only on its conservation he spends 60 million dollars a year, and how much will it cost to demolish it?

In America back in 1974 the committee for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Miami decided that the Gulf Stream is suitable for producing energy. They have been keeping silent for almost thirty years now.

This not because Russia impoverished and America is rich. Here politics come into play and this is not my business. I am an engineer.

The technical ideas which were ahead of their times could not be realized because of the absence of technological possibilities. Now there are all possibilities available to carry out a concept so that the water not only would feed the Earth, was cleaned it, but also with powered.

There are two tasks here: generation of energy and its transfer to the users. At the contemporary level of technologies and with accumulated experience they are solvable.

In the process of development and realizing of this major project new ideas and the solutions will most certainly be generated.

Now it is possible to create stationary, mobile and autonomous hydroelectric power generation plants on the World Ocean currents, and power plants without dams on the rivers.

After learning how to obtain the supplemented energy from the Creator, people will gradually liquidate technologies that have outlived themselves, created with their mind and pride.

They will stop using the resources of the Earth for power generation and to convert them into waste so that the descendants remember about their deeds in this world!

The plan for the solution of this problem can be substantiated and carried out by competent people in many fields of knowledge. Including those occupied with creating monsters. They are these people in the different countries, but they remain uncalled-for in this direction.

Not less important is to give young the possibility to express themselves in a good deed.

An example of the creation of international space station confirms this possibility.

16 November 2001. Anatoliy Kuzin

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