Web site idea and design

The site is designed to unite people, who work or who desire to work in the field of use of energy of oceanic currents. All other trends are not suitable for it. This is not a forum but an attempt to allow the people holding similar views to present their opinions on one specific topic and in one place. The information currently scattered over the Web only informs, but it does not unite.

Together it will be possible to discuss, to examine, to critically analyze ideas, to define what is useful for the searches for the new solutions, to support, to work upon a raw idea, to supplement it with another idea, and in mutual efforts to formulate clear proposals substantiated by both technical and economic reasons.

Worst of all when a person is alone in his searches. He is convinced that his decision is correct and often attempts to prove this to people who do not understand or who are not interested. This leaves one powerless and it does not give new strengths.

Any ideas must be sent to an address, where they will be understood and will be estimate not by occasional people, but those who understand the direction of your thought, in other words - to colleagues.

Since the problem is global, it is necessary to create WORLD TECHNICAL REVIEW BOARD. We now have the Internet and there is no need to wait for an invitation to a symposium, a conference or a forum, where it is possible to express ones opinion without any result.

Priority of ideas will not be an issue, as any proposal will be recorded in the time and the place and remain in the database.

Intensive development is not possible without scientific development. There would have been no Internet had it not been taken from the military not wiithout difficulties.

It took almost half a century from the discovery of radiation to start using it for destruction. "Peaceful Atom" did not look as peaceful either.

Now comes a new energy panacea, vacuum energy. God forbid it follows the atomic energy path!

Once US President asked a physicist, what size would be the bomb capable of destroying a city? Not bigger than an orange, he replied!

Now a physicist says that energy of the vacuum of one electric bulb can boil all oceans of the Earth.

There are no contradictions in our searches. Both the scientists working on the physical properties of matter, and we have as a goal to stop the destruction of the reserves of the globe and not to harm the life environment of the nature and people. If you are aware of the information on this subject, please to transmit to our site.

List of fields important for the project

  1. Turbine construction
  2. Mapping the ocean
  3. Ancor systems
  4. Shipbuilding
  5. Energy transformation
  6. Energy transfer
  7. Energy storage/accumulation
  8. Hydroacoustics

  9. Hydrology

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